[mythtv-users] LAN / WLAN / WLAN USB (with EPIA system) and some other Mythv questions (program extensions...)

Corrin Lakeland lakeland at go.org.nz
Mon Sep 5 03:01:21 UTC 2005

On 3/09/2005, at 8:28 PM, Dewey Smolka wrote:
>> 3) Does Mythv or better Linux at all support USB WLAN adapters?
>> -As the VIA ITX boards do have only one PCI slot, I'd prefer a USB  
>> adapter.
> This is a bit more tricky. Frankly, WLAN can be a royal pain in
> the ass in Linux.
> Also, be aware that sending video around a network uses A LOT of
> bandwidth and requires low latency, so you may run into problems with
> WLAN, no matter how compatible it is.

I have used wlan fine with myth, having not changed any encoding
settings from the default.  This is with 802.11g.  Casual measurements
showed bandwidth usage averaged a little over 8Mb/s from memory, so
possible but very hard to reliably obtain under 802.11b, and quite easy
on 802.11g.

> The easy answer to getting WLAN working is a package called
> ndiswrapper, which acts as a sort of API translator -- it fools a card
> into thinking it's on MS, and lets you use the MS drivers to run your
> card in Linux.

Alternatively, and probably better, do some research before you buy
a card and make 100% sure you get one of the few with linux drivers.

>> 4) Does Mythv or better Linux at all support USB Bluetooth adapters?
>> -See 3 and 5 for my reasons.
> Yes, but I can't really give you more information. However, bluetooth
> drivers are included with pretty much every standard distro, if you
> choose to install them. I have no bluetooth devices, so can't comment
> on how well they work.

I have bluetooth but haven't got around to getting it working with myth
yet.  My understanding is that mythwifi (despite the name) is the  
to use.

>> 5) Can I add other Linux programs to Mythv on my own (I'm not a  
>> Linuxer,
>> but do not hide myself for compiling ;-)?

You seem to be confusing mythtv with an operating system.
Mythtv is a program, like Windows Media Player.  You can add plugins
to myth in  the same way as you can add plugins to WMP.  You can also
add programs in linux in the same way as you can add programs in
windows.  But the presence of WMP on your machine doesn't affect how you
add programs any more than the presence of mythtv affects how you
add programs.

> Given what you have said here, I would definitely recommend you go the
> Fedora route and follow Jarod Wilson's excellent guide. It will give
> you a full, top-shelf Linux OS and walk you step-by-step through the
> process of installing and configuring MythTV and all its components
> and underlying requirements.


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