[mythtv-users] ConvertX SVHS input and Exporting

Mark Cooke mpc at jts.homeip.net
Sat Sep 3 20:47:43 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-09-03 at 14:17 -0600, Andrew Taylor wrote:
> Hello all.  Finally played with mythtv yesterday.  Excellent, but now I 
> need a new hard drive (or two). 

Hi Andrew,

<snip go7007 things>

> Also, how does one go about exporting .nuv for backup on removable 
> media?  I can't play .nuv directly with mplayer (unsure if this is an 
> amd64 issue), and the naming is unfriendly.  Is it possible to re-encode 
> to a .avi, rename and still maintain the link into the media browser? 

Sounds like an mplayer build issue.  You probably don't have the right
supporting libraries installed when you built it.

mplayer plays my nuv files here (both mpeg4 and mpeg2 variants) and
should be able to play the MPEG1/2/4/MJPEG files the linux driver

As for the naming issue - my solution went as follows:

I transcode using nuvexport into a tree:


and delete the original from the recordings list.

When each disk directory reaches 4.7G, I burn a DVD.

Then I replace the episode files with a symlink
to /media/cdrecorder/<program>/disc<N>/<episodes>

Finally, to keep the video manager from deleting the dangling symlinks,
I create a zero length dummy file at the right place under the DVD mount
point without a DVD mounted.

It has its downsides - the video manager isn't quite as easy to trawl
through as the recordings list, and there are some manual steps, but it
works for me, as it is fairly rare I watch older recordings, and when I
do, I usually just play the file from the DVD with mplayer.

Myth does have an internal transcoder, but I never did get it working
nicely when I first tried (many moons ago).

<snip myth metadata in file suggestion>

> Combine that with offline archive knowledge and it would not 
> record an episode which is already recorded, regardless of where it 
> actually is (ie recording metadata kept). 

If myth records the file, it does store the entry in the database and
doesn't re-record, unless you pick the 'Delete and allow re-record'
option from the media menu, or didn't have duplicate detection
configured as part of your original recording settings.

Finally - I hope you have lots of fun with Myth.



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