[mythtv-users] Multiple video display

Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
Sat Sep 3 00:02:57 UTC 2005

Interesting you guys mention this, there was an article in the WSJ last
week talking about how Dish Networks here in the USA are about to launch
a 6 display channel next week with your remote control you can swap from
various audio tracks while retaining all 6 images (and I assume an
option to switch to and from full screen on a particular video channel).

It didn't specify but it inferred that Dish would be selecting the 6
channels to choose from and that this wouldn't be customizable.


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> I was watching CNN's Situation room, and I was wondering if I could do
> the same thing on MythTV (watching 4 channels at once). Would I be
> able to do this with one box? or would I need to multiplex 4 clients
> together?
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