[mythtv-users] MythTV CVS / FC4

Brian C. Huffman huffman at graze.net
Thu Sep 1 14:49:15 UTC 2005


I've just upgraded to FC4 and used Jarod's documentation.  Following the
upgrade, I built mythtv from CVS and I'm having some problems.  Hopefully either
some developers or users with similar experience can shed some light:

1) I'm using the minimalist theme and am running 480p (actually the
"880x480in540p mode").  Fonts don't look quite like I'd expect in numerous
places.  In mythweather, on the first page where it shows current temp, the
bottom of the numbers for the temperature is cut off.  In the Video Manager, the
titles are two close together, almost overlapping and I believe the last title
in the window is on top of the border line.  The same thing (last title over
border) happens in mythmusic.

2) Also in the minimalist theme - are there supposed to be images / icons
missing?  When I go into settings -> media -> video, there are no icons at all. 
Perhaps this is something that I can resolve...I've already played around a
little with the icons in mythweather.

3) (Off topic): I am using KDE and have removed the "Autorun" from the startup,
however it seems that something is taking control of my /dev/dvd b/c after
playing a DVD or after playing a CD, I can not manually eject the CD / DVD.  I
can login and type eject and that works.

4) (Off topic):  I use xine for my DVD (and now video) playback.  The
commandline that I'm using for DVDs is: "xine -pfqh --no-splash dvd://".  When I
play a DVD, when I hit the exit button ( "q" in xine ), the screen freezes and
xine does not exit.  I have to manually "kill -9" on xine to get it to exit.

I have another issue w/ a segfault in mythmusic, but I'm not going to ask about
that until I get a backtrace.  ;-)  

Thank you!

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