[mythtv-users] LiveTV works - recording doesn't

Simon Levitt maillists at whattf.com
Mon Oct 31 06:28:26 EST 2005


I've hit a wall in the building of my MythTV box that I'd like some help with.

Everything has been going Ok, and I've got my system displaying LiveTV without 
any problems, however recording isn't going so smoothly and I'm out of 

I'm using an SVN version from last Mon (early hours; haven't got revision and 
have updated since then).

Basically if I hit 'R' in liveTV then I get the Recording "xxx" message, and 
then either I get bumped to another card (I've got 2 VStream DVB-T cards and 
one PVR350), or the frontend crashes... My understanding should be that I 
start watching the recording 'live', so I think this is the symptom rather 
than the cause.

The cause I suspect is the backend: it doesn't start recording - It does mark 
the card in question as recording, but no files are created.

If I bounce the backend, then the recording will start and from that point 
everything is fine.

I've got some 140Gb of free space for the recordings to go in, and they start 
fine when the backend gets bounced, so permissions are presumably Ok.

I've searched the archives, and can't find anything relevant (at least for the 
keywords I've tried).

Any clues?

I've got some verbose logs from the backend with "-v 
channel,record,playback,file,commflag,jobqueue,network" for just entering 
liveTV and hitting 'R'. Its 96k, and I didn't want to burden the list with it 
(I'll send it to anyone who'd like to see it).



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