[mythtv-users] Legal DVD playback with MythTV?

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Mon Oct 31 05:59:15 EST 2005

Phill Edwards wrote:

>>Is there any "legal" way to play back DVD's with MythTV (or Linux in general)?
>>I assume such a solution would cost money, but that's not necessarily an issue.
>> Is there a licensable CSS library that will plug in to libdvdread/dvdnav?  Or a
>>complete licensable player that plays well with MythTV?
>You can play DVDs with mplayer or xine. If you're installing RPMs it
>will tell you what dependencies you will need. I think you may also
>need the libdvdcss package.
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Turbolinux 10, and Linspire 5, both have licensed CSS libraries (usually 
as part of PowerDVD-Linux, which is NOT available separately)

Otherwise, use DeCSS, and send $10 to the mafia to cover your conscience

--Jo Shields

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