[mythtv-users] A warning about Samsung HDDs

Brady liquidgecka at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 22:26:03 EST 2005

Let me chime in on this..

I worked for a large fortune 500 company a few years back. We did
product qualification on virtually every computer component known to
man. Mainboards, Hard Drives, PDAs, etc. The Hard Drive testing was
slick. We would hammer a hard drive until it died in order to make
sure that our products wouldn't be the failure points. During this
time I saw every major brand fail in ways that you can only dream of.
Spindle locks, head contact, 5V feedback that caused small fires, etc.

Anyways, on with my point. Without disclosing anything that is
protected by NDA I must say that I found out three major things during
this time. Do not buy Deskstar series hard drives. Western Digital,
while only average on there drive quality, ranks pretty high for there
support department, and Seagate drives are unpredictable. Not in the
way you would think though. I could tell you exact ways to fail any
drive except a Seagate. Run the voltage a little high and then run the
clock a little slow and some drives would fail in 30 hours of constant
testing. Seagates on the other hand defied most failure reproduction.
While they didn't usually last longer than other drives they typically
failed in boring ways. Things like cache failure or just plain old
power down failure. Most times we could recover the drives.

Why do I even mention this you ask? Well, I felt that Seagate drives
where just well built enough to withstand the tests we put them
through and tended to only fail due to normal "wear and tear." There
was no easy way to kill a Seagate. They seemed a little more bullet
proof than other drives.

Anyways.. Its late (I think, I just moved across a time zone boundary
and then day light savings happened.. I have no clue what time it is
anymore) and I am starting my new job tomorrow so I should stop

On 10/30/05, Todd <nospam at tippyturtle.com> wrote:
> I am sure this is going to sound like I am some type of employee...but oh
> well, I am not...
> I have always used Seagate drives and had extremely good luck.  I started
> using them because they were the first IDE drives to run 7200rpm at
> 2-3bels...dead silent in comparison to the other drives 5 years ago.  I
> believe they last longer than most because:
> 1.  I still haven't had a Seagate die on me (I am sure there is a bunch luck
> in there)...and I have, over the years had serious issues with WD, IBM.
> Maxtor, Fujitsu and others.
> 2.  Seagate has consistently had LONGER warrantee periods.  I think they
> others are now matching Seagate, but even when it was in vogue to leave your
> customers high and dry with 1 year _from_time_of_build_ warrantees, Seagate
> had 3 year from purchase.  I assume they are trusting their drives to live
> that long because the design them to.
> ...ok, now start the long threads of "I was screwed by Seagate."  :-)
> Todd
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> > Hey all.
> >
> > I just wanted to post a very unpleasant experience as a warning to
> > anyone looking for storage.
> >
> > I just had a Samsung HDD (my MBE's boot disk/recordings volume) come
> > to a literal screeching halt less than 30 days after I purchased it.
> > The part # is SP2514N (250GB, 7200rpm, 8M, PATA), and I bought it at
> > Microcenter -- it's an OEM drive, so it came without any packaging.
> > And I do mean it came to a screeching halt -- while I was watching the
> > football game, the unit started making some really unnerving sounds
> > and froze the system. When I tried to reboot, it wouldn't even get to
> > GRUB.
> >
> > I still have no idea what happened, but can rule out a couple things.
> > It wasn't a heat issue as I had been regularly monitoring drive temps
> > since setting up my new rig. It generally ran at between 35 and 38 C,
> > and maxed out about 42 C.
> >
> > The PSU is also new, and at 450 W shouldn't have any problem driving
> > my P4 2.5 with 3 HDDs.
> >
> > I had thought Samsung drives were fairly solid, but this is the third
> > HDD of theirs that I've had fail on me in the last four months or so.
> > The oldest (an 80 GB ATA drive) was less than two years, the next
> > oldest (60 GB notebook drive) was barely a year although I blame that
> > one on overheating because the notebook's vid card was right next to
> > the HDD.
> >
> > There was no indication from SMART that anything was amiss.
> >
> > The bright side is that I didn't lose much, and nothing that's not
> > easily replacable or that I don't mind losing. I am also fortunate
> > that I saved the 20 GB HDD from my old MBE, and was able to swap it
> > into the new machine to access my music and video storage, which are
> > on Maxstor drives.
> >
> > I know I can get the Samsung replaced, but it will still take me the
> > better part of a day to reinstall everything and redo the menus etc
> > how I had them before. This is not what I wanted to do this week.
> >
> > If you're looking for an HDD, I'd have to recommend you avoid Samsung.
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