[mythtv-users] Window Managers - Success with "ratpoison" instead of kde

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Sun Oct 30 15:36:28 EST 2005

>>>  	Exactly.  Ratpoison is the closest thing you can do to run without
>>> a window manager while still running a window manager.  It doesn't draw
>>> any decorations on the screen.  All it does is manage the focus of any
>>> applications.  I tried hard to run without a WM, but mplayer focus killed
>>> me.  I've been ratpoisoning for 18 months now with a raw X startup script
>>> similar to what you mentioned.... although I may try to modify the
>>> implementation to use init to respawn.  Been thinking about that for
>>> awhile.
>>> -Cory
> have you tried the "-fstype" in mplayer? it should be able to fix any focus
> issues with whatever WM you use.
> Steve

 	I haven't, but it's something I wasn't aware of... good thing to 
remember in my "bag-o-tricks."  I actually have another good reason for 
ratpoison... no monitor (only NTSC television) on the local computer.  If 
I need to fix something, I need a terminal.  Console mode doesn't work 
(only 480i, not VGA works on the NTSC TV).... so, I use ratpoison to fire 
up an xterm.

 	... and YES, with a decent tvout, a 80x24 xterm is quite readable 
on a TV.



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