[mythtv-users] basic mythvideo question

Jake jakeisawake at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 15:01:08 EST 2005

> > mythvideo.  Is it meant to stream files to multiple FEs or just play
> > whatever you have locally.
> It can do one or the other, but not both.  The MythVideo and MythMusic
> modules have associated setup pages where you specify the path to the
> A/V storage.  If that path is local then you play local content.  Most
> of us (I assume) collect all our A/V and put it on a SMB or NFS share
> and then use that same mount point for all of our FEs.  I'm using NFS.

actually, i know for sure that in mythvideo you can define more than
one path to look for media, just seperate them by a ":" i think.  not
sure about mythmusic though as i don't use it.  so, you're not limited
to either local or nfs or even one file server.  i know that my
roommates and i both have fileservers and we have all the content show
up in mythvideo by coordinating our mount points.

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