[mythtv-users] how can i turn off autotranscode

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Sat Oct 29 19:01:43 EDT 2005

Reza Naima wrote:

>I used to transcode mpeg2 (pvr) -> mpeg4, however, given the file nuv format
>is useless with anything but mythtv, I wen to the recoridng profiles and
>turned off all the transcoding options.  This seemed to take effect for
>the newly scheduled recorded shows, however, the older scheduled shows
>(ones that I scheduled to record before I turned off the transcode)
>seemed to still get transcoded for some reason.  I looked through all
>the menus and couldn't find any other relevant options.
>However, after digging in the database schema, I came accross an entry
>called 'autotranscode' in the table 'record' that was active for
>numerous shows.  
>I fixed this via the DB, but I wanted to know how I could control this
>option via the GUI?
The setting is in the recording options for the shows.  Find an old 
episode in your recorded media (and there's probably other places where 
you can do this too), but instead of selecting and playing it, hit the 
right arrow, select recording options > edit recording schedule. Then go 
into Post recording processing and select Transcode New recordings, and 
change it to Do Not Transcode...

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