[mythtv-users] Monitor CD/DVD with Fedora?

Matt Goebel matt at goebelnet.com
Fri Oct 28 14:03:33 EDT 2005

> Has anyone managed to get fedora to play nice with Myth's monitor CD/DVD
> functionality?  I've got myth setup up to do that, specifically for DVD's to bring
> up the menu.  No matter what I try it doesn't seem to work though.  I've edited
> /etc/fstab so that my dvd-rom shows up as:
> /dev/hdc                /media/cdrom           ufs,iso9660    exec,ro,noauto,user 0
> 0
> That seems to work so that HAL (fstab-sync) doesn't re-write /etc/fstab.  Myth just
> ignores it though.  If I use anything besides /dev/hdc (say /dev/dvd, a symlink to
> /dev/hdc) fstab-sync removes all dvd-rom related entries and adds it's own again.
> Is there some specific device or mount point I need to have in fstab for Myth?  How
> do I work around HAL to do that?


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