[mythtv-users] Development update

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 11:30:48 EDT 2005

On Friday 28 October 2005 11:09, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Is it still basically the same though?


> I've been reading bits and pieces about a new frontend daemon/frontend
> client architecture and other
> things like OpenGL UI rendering that seem to change Myth's core.

theres development of a new OpenGL UI yes, but it is not active in SVN, its a 
compile time option to enable it. I haven't tried it, and there has not been 
much talk on the dev list about it.

> Are these changes in the next gen, or the next next gen?

it all depends on what the dev's feel would be a 19 release. They might 
release a 18.2 with none of the more experimental stuff just to get some of 
the fixes and DVB/HDTV stuff in. Who knows?! (rhetorical)

> I think the problem that many of us have with trying SVN is that we only
> have one mythtv system,
> and while we'd love to try SVN, we have family that expect Myth to be
> reliable. :) So all we have
> left is curiosity...

well, there's always gossamer, you can read through the dev list, and like I 
mentioned theres always the SVN commits.


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