[mythtv-users] An LVM'd drive died! What do I do...

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 12:46:52 EDT 2005

On Thursday 27 October 2005 12:07, Alexander Fisher wrote:
> Other hints ...
> Don't put more than one ide drive on a single ide channel.   A failing
> drive often takes out the bus.  SATA drives make sense, but SMART
> support for SATA is still under development.  You should also make
> sure that your SATA chipset has got linux support!

seems to be working fine for me, just add the -d ata line and you get all the 
info of a regular ATA drive. 

from the smartmontools website:
> Smartmontools should work correctly with SATA drives under both Linux 2.4 
and 2.6 kernels, if you use the standard IDE drivers in drivers/ide. If you 
use the new libata drivers, it won't work correctly because libata doesn't 
yet support the needed ATA-passthrough ioctl() calls. Jeff Garzik, the libata 
developer, says that this support will be added to libata in the future. When 
this happens, we'll add support to smartmontools for a new SATA/libata device 
type '-d sata'. Typically, to force an SATA disk to run using the standard 
(non-libata) drivers, you must use the BIOS to select "legacy mode" for the 
controller. If the IDE driver doesn't support your particular SATA 
controller, or the controller doesn't have a legacy interface, then only 
libata can be used. Unless the hard disk controller on the system motherboard 
is Intel, VIA or nVidia, standard IDE drivers may not work
> Note: an unofficial patch to libata that allows smartmontools to be used 
with the standard '-d ata' device type was posted to the linux kernel mailing 
list at the end of August 2004. The patch is included in the libata-dev 
patchset that can be applied to a recent Linux kernel (>= 2.6.9). With a SATA 
disk driven by a libata driver, smartmontools can now be used by specifying 
both the device type 'ata' and the SCSI device corresponding to this disk, 
for example, smartctl -i -d ata /dev/sda. The patch is still under 
development and it is probably best to make sure that the disk is idle before 
trying smartmontools.  

that said, if your buying new equipment for RAID, go with a ATA controller 
(the HighPoint RocketRAID 454 or 464 seem to have linux support for raid 5, 
though the 454 uses the cpu to do parity) and you'll save some $.


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