[mythtv-users] nexus-s; card semi-broken?

Christoph Bueeler cb at sub-culture.ch
Thu Oct 27 09:57:48 EDT 2005

Hi all

I'm running mythtv on debian sid with a nexus-s card tuned to astra and 
eutelsat (two single LNB). Now i upgraded the LNBs to twin-LNBs 
(diseq-switch is still the same - 1.1) :
On the dedicated satellite receiver, everything runs smoothly but on my 
mythbox both myth and szap don't see any channels from astra anymore.  
Eutelsat channels tune in perfectly.  Don't even know where to start 
looking. Would it even be theoretically possible that my card somehow is 
partially broken?
Thanks for pointing me in any direction...


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