[mythtv-users] realtime commflag on hardware encoding ?

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 08:02:27 EDT 2005

> There's a "near-real-time commercial flagging" capability in SVN, but
> it's completely independent of the capture card.  It uses the same
> mythcommflag that has always been used, but it starts the process a few
> minutes after the recording begins so that it completes shortly after
> the recording ends.

Does anyone know if there have been any changes to the effectiveness
of the flagging? In Australia it's a bit hit and miss. I think it
would be fair to say I can never record a programme with perfect
commercial flagging. It either misses one or two ad breaks or it fails
to detect the end of a break or it detects the end of the break too

I have a feeling that my results used to be better when I was using
analogue bt8x8 cards. Since I moved onto DVB-T cards it doesn't seem
to be quite as good - but it's just a feeling and I have no hard
evidence to back that up.


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