[mythtv-users] An LVM'd drive died! What do I do...

Neale Swinnerton mythtv-users.spam at isismanor.com
Thu Oct 27 03:12:17 EDT 2005

David Bennett wrote:
> ... fortunately this has not happened (yet!) but I am preparing for the worst.
Unfortunately this happened to me last week, one of my drives in a 2 
drive LVM started getting all sorts of weird timeouts. It hasn't been 
seen since :-(

You can find all this in the docs. In summary: You can start up the 
remaining drives with use of the -P (for partial) option to the various 
LVM commands (vgscan -P, lvdisplay -P). You can then get back all your 
LV's that are complete.

I then made a config backup with vgcfgbackup, edited the config file 
(its a text file) to remove the duff drive and did a vgcfgrestore. So 
now I have back everything on the good drive. Unfortunately, one of my 
LVs was split across the two drives so I lost more than I could have. I 
was lucky I hadn't chosen to stripe all the LVs

This wasn't a disaster for me, but it's definitely got me thinking about 
RAID and those new seagate 500Gb SATA drives!!!!

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