[mythtv-users] Low end experiment with latest Knoppmyth

Alex Cruz alex at wislug.net
Sun Oct 23 09:27:26 EDT 2005

On Sunday 23 October 2005 07:53 am, ffrr wrote:
> Alex Cruz wrote:
> > Maybe some day when the US finally gets
> >it's s**t together, I'll try HDTV. My guess is that by 2010, it'll be
> >somewhat "standard".
> That's something I haven't been too sure about.   Do you have digital TV
> free to air at all?  Most of our stations are now available in digital,
> but not High Definition. Only some shows are HD and my experiments with
> it in myth, with the DVB card, show you need a fast system to cope.  My
> 2.2GHz machine can't handle 1080 res, the sound gets all stuttery.  All
> the stuff I record is Standard Definition, still way better than
> analogue TV, even if only because of the 16:9 aspect ratio of most/all
> of the newer stuff.
> Then there's pay tv.  Our major cable network went digital just
> recently, although, my first experience with it was via satellite (no
> cables near my place) and that was always digital.  I gave up on pay tv.
> I've had it hooked up twice, but dropped it later each time as they do
> NOT have enough new shows, especially movies, despite what their ads say
> :-) Too damn expensive as well.  That's one of the good things about
> Myth.  I am never short of something interesting to watch now, and it's

 The FCC is requiring that all over the air broadcasts begin transmitting in 
HD by next year (2006). Like you, there are only a handful of shows and only 
several stations that are broadcasting in HD. The only station where I live 
that transmits in HD all of the time is PBS (Public Broadcasting). And from 
what I've been told by folks in the area that are doing HD, PBS has the best 
quality picture so far. 

From what I've read, you are going to need some horsepower to record in HD. 
Not to mention that if you don't have an HD capable TV, what's the point. I 
can live with standard definition for now. I'm done jumping on the cutting 
edge hardware when it comes to this tech. I did it last when DVD's first came 
out and now I have a relly expensive Toshiba player sitting in storagethat 
can't play much. Even with the firmware upgrade, it has a hard time with 
certain newer DVD's. I can wait  :-)


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