[mythtv-users] Custom searches against the credits table?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Oct 22 19:22:59 EDT 2005

Stewart wrote:
> Can this be done?  For example, If I want to see all the clint east wood 
> movies, I can create the following query from within Mysql, or on the 
> command line...
> select people.name, channel.channum, credits.starttime, program.title 
> from people, credits, program, channel where (program.chanid = 
> channel.chanid) AND (credits.chanid = program.chanid) AND 
> (credits.starttime = program.starttime) AND credits.person = 
> people.person AND (people.name LIKE '%Clint Eastwood%') ORDER BY 
> program.starttime;
> Works great.  However, I can't use this in a custom query since it 
> doesn't join against the credits table.  Is this correct?

The Custom Record page can't but kPowerSearch rules can...

> Querying against the credits table would give better results, since the 
> person's name is not always referenced in the description field of the 

First to answer the question you want a solution for then to answer
the question you asked =). 

You can go to Search Words->People and enter "Clint Eastwood"
to search the name in people and find the credited programs.

  [Note: this uses "people.name LIKE 'Clint Eastwood'" with no
  wildcards by default for efficiency. However, it does use LIKE
  so you can enter "%Eastwood" or "Qu%n Tar%tino" if you were
  unsure of a spelling but exact names are more efficient.]

If you see a list of spaghetti westerns, press "M" to bring up
the popup, Tab or "M" again to focus on the buttons and click
"Record". The title on the recording options page should be
"Clint Eastwood (People Search)".

  [Hint: If you set an All rule, it may record a dozen in the first
  week. In SVN a couple months ago, fixes were made to be sure
  that kFindWeeklyRecord worked correctly for search rules that
  match different titles. Therefore, you can choose "Record one
  showing of this title every week". This will choose one Clint
  Eastwood film to record each week. Once a film has recorded,
  future showings will be marked "P" so it will choose a different
  Eastwood film each week.]

Now, to the question you asked. Search rules put the key info
for the WHERE clause in the record.description fields. The 
record.subtitle field can also hold a string to go into the FROM
clause. This is precisely for People Search rules and is the
only thing that currently uses this. However, it might be useful
to join other table like oldprogram to determine if a title
has been in the listings before like the "New Titles" list.

kPowerSearch rules do support a fromclause string in the subtitle
but the Custom Record page doesn't support this because it it too
obscure and too complex for a simple interface. The Custom Record
page and the proglist pages are not prepared to handle fromclauses
and would choke badly on power search rules that had them. This
should be fixed but has never come up. If you decide to do something
with fromclauses, please send a patch for Custom Record to handle

--  bjm

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