[mythtv-users] Cannot scan with PVR500 in setup and :: data:: Column 3 out of range: error

Simpson, Richard Richard.Simpson at wgint.com
Fri Oct 21 16:02:05 EDT 2005

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> This still leaves unanswered what you are supposed to use for a
> PVR150/500...
> None of the choices are particularly clear. I am presently 
> trying using
> 'Mpeg capture card (Matrox G200..' etc. And that does not 
> seem to work.

Should be the one with "(PVR-250/350)" in the description

> I now have the pcHDTV card installed and I have copied the 
> kernel tveeprom
> module into the 'updates' stream, replacing tveeprom-ivtv.
> Dmesg seems to happy, except for the fact that the default 
> frequency for
> one of the radio tuners is set to 0.00...
> ivtv-detect against the i2c bus seems ok...although it 
> reports the PVR 500
> units as MPEG against /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 and YUV against
> /dev/video32 and /dev/video33, BUT it reports the pcHDTV as 
> YUV against
> /dev/video2...????

If you are using a 2.6.12 or later kernel, you should use the dvb drivers for the pcHDTV card. This will create a device node at /dev/dvb/adapter0. Where is /dev/video2 linked to?

A good howto for setting up the HD3000 with dvb drivers is here:

In the MythTV capture card setup, the HD2000/3000 is identified as an ATSC card.

> Mythtv-setup seems to be happy with all of this, EXCEPT I still cannot
> scan even if I use the Broadcast listing. Broadcast is coupled to the
> pcHDTV card against /dev/video32 in prior pages of setup.

If it doesn't recognize the pcHDTV as a DVB device, then the scan won't work.

> AND, if I so much as move the cursor selection into the Channel page
> (without changing anything), the mythtv-setup starts throwing the
> continuing error: 
> "QMYSQLReport::data: column 3 is out of range"

This should not be happening. If you cannot manually troubleshoot the database via mysql, it may be simpler to delete the database (or empty the tables) and populate it again through mythtv-setup.

> Up to that point, mythbackend seems quite happy, and if I exit
> mythtv-setup are setting the input connections, I can run 
> mythfilldatabase
> without problem... but merely touching the Channel screen 
> causes an error.
> I still cannot scan in the Channel screen even when I have 
> selected the
> pcHDTV....
> Using mythfrontend to watch live TV times out trying to get 
> signal....Very
> discouraged at this state of affairs, as I know that the hardware does
> work.
> Next step will have to be a compile and install of 
> mythtv...this setup was
> a 'yum' job and I now doubt that the configure is quite right.

I also had to setup two capture cards, and found it's easier to concentrate on getting one working at a time. Delete the other one completely from myth and remove it's kernel drivers. Best way to troubleshoot is to change one thing at a time. :)


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