[mythtv-users] (WAS) KnoppMyth (NOW) Sata problems

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Fri Oct 21 09:10:31 EDT 2005

Alex Cruz wrote:

>On Friday 21 October 2005 01:49 am, ffrr wrote:
>>Anybody want to buy a few 100 GB of SATA storage (250GB WD, and 2 80GB
>>Seagates)?  :-) Just joking.    A new MB is almost as cheap as another
>>SATA controller card (unless you buy a cheap one, and they seem to be
>>early SI based often anyway).
>>I could use them just for offline storage as they cause no problems just
>>sitting there.  It's only when you access them that they upset the DVB.
> Does it cause problems with the DVB if you use it to store and access music, 
>games, images etc?

Yes, I am pretty sure it does.  On my Mandriva setup. I moved the 
ringbuffer on the IDE drive, and watched live TV.  Still got some 
glitches when the SATA drives were accessed by other things in the system. 

That would mean it would also screw with any recordings that were 
happening, if I happened to use a SATA drive while it was recording, 
even if the recording was taking place to an IDE drive.

Probably not a good idea.  Maybe I should just sell the SATA drives on 
eBay and get SOME of my money back.  I feel a bit ripped off by this 
whole SATA deal right now :-( 

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