[mythtv-users] which dial-up modem?

Chris Trown ctrown at safe-mail.net
Thu Oct 20 14:35:23 EDT 2005

Asher Schaffer wrote:
> On 10/20/05, Chris Trown <ctrown at safe-mail.net> wrote:
>>      There used to be a time(LONG time ago when I was taking care of
>>dialup modem banks) that I pushed modems with Lucent chipsets.  These
>>days, however, it just does'nt matter.  So long as it's not a winmodem
> Only internal PCI modems can be winmodems, as long as it is external
> you are fine.

      If you are saying that *all* internal modems are winmodems, that 
is simply not true.  USR has one:


      There may be others.  Given the prevalence of Winmodems, it's easy 
to make the assumption that there are no internal controller-based modems.


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