[mythtv-users] importing channels.conf - 0.19

Nick Parkinson nickparkinson at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 20 13:37:24 EDT 2005

If I set the transports up manually from the
channels.conf file I have no problems.  I created the
channels.conf file via:

# cd /usr/local/dvb/dvb-t/tv_grab_uk_rt
# dvbscan uk-WinterHill | tee freeviewchannels.conf 

I'm guessing that there is a command to create the
channels.conf file in a Myth-Setup compatible format
because I am having the following issues if I use
"import channels.conf file":

1. The channel numbers: rather than 1-100 they are all
4 digits (1182 etc)

2. The option to grab OTA program guide is set to off
on all the channels.

3. It adds loads of SKY channels that I clearly can't


WinTv Nova-T
Knoppmyth R5A22

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