[mythtv-users] UK DVB-t channel renumbering

Shaun Lowry shaun at lowry.me.uk
Thu Oct 20 09:00:33 EDT 2005

Nick wrote:
> On 19/10/05, Shaun Lowry <shaun at lowry.me.uk> wrote:
>>My STB has informed me that a lot of DVB-t channels in the UK got renumbered
>>yesterday - is there a painless way to get the new numbers reflected in MythTV
>>without having to rescan them all again?
> How are you recording DVB-T?
> From a DVB-T box into a capture card? In which case you'll need to
> edit the channels' freqid so the box is switched over to the correct
> channel if using LIRC to do this.
> From a DVB-T card? Shouldn't have to change anything (unless you want
> the numbers to match) as the combination of multiplex and service ID
> is enough (I'm pretty sure) for MythTV to tune.

The latter.  I only want to do the renumbering for a bit of WAF - so the missus
can select the DVB channel on the remote using the channel number in the Radio
Times.  I was hoping not to have to rescan after the pain I've been through
before setting the channels up - I was hoping someone might have a list of the
changed channel ids or better yet a chunk of SQL to remap them in the database :)

Are there any new channels coming online as part of this change, or is it just a
renumbering to allow more channels in the future?  I still don't really see
*why* they had to go and change the existing ones...

> Nick


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