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Peter Meyland PME at
Thu Oct 20 05:42:15 EDT 2005

How did you do? I can't get it to work, and a search at google tells me that
it is not possible.

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You CAN use mythWEB to edit jump points, I did it an hour ago and it 
worked fine.

Peter Meyland wrote:

> Hi
> You can't use mythWEB to edit jumppoints, it does not work. You have 
> to edit It directly in the database.
> When you want to use F3 as a jumppoint to MythWeather you just write 
> F3 and. If you want to use CTRL W, you write CTRL+W, but don't use 
> CTRL keys since it is impossible to get it to work vith LIRC.
> One last thing, you have to restart the frontend when you changes 
> jumppoints.
> Peter Meyland
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> On 10/19/05, *David Barkman* <david at 
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> Hi, I'm trying to add some entries to the jumppoints table for Myth. 
> What format do I enter in that field. For example, if I want F3 to 
> open up the MythWeather, do I just put F3 by itself in that field, or 
> should it have quotes or something? When I setup a jump point, will it 
> actually work on my keyboard, or is it just for translation to the remote?
> Also, is there an easier way to edit jumppoints? I'm fine doing it 
> directly in the database, but a GUI for it would be nice too.
> Jumppoints work like other keybindings -- they work from the keyboard 
> or the remote. You shouldn't need to quote the F3 string.
> You can use MythWeb to edit jumppoints -- it's in the Settings 
> section, under Key Bindings.
> Carl Fongheiser
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