[mythtv-users] HELP: System crash when trying to watch live or recorded tv

Mr cctsurf cctsurf at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 19 23:05:55 EDT 2005

Having lurked for a while and searched threads for help with my situation, I 
could not find any threads that would help me... Perhaps I have overlooked 
something, in that case, forgive me and please point me in the correct 
direction.  I am somewhat of a Newb, especially in matters of v4l/mythtv.  I 
am running Gentoo unstable tree. (~x86)

Notably it seems that I can record because I can see the show previewed in a 
small window (in my theme, below the listing of recorded shows) before 
attempting to watch it (I haven't been able to play recordings using Myth or 
mplayer, either with transcoding (mpeg4) or without - straight .nuv file)  
When I attempt to play back the recording with Myth, I get a lockup, with 
Mplayer, I get some attempt to load codecs, but it exits very quickly.  
After a mythtv lockup, I cannot do anything but
reset the system, SSHing in doesn't work (in fact, I often have to reset 
twice to get a boot).

I assume that I could have a problem with my sound (sblive), but I have at 
times disabled it (mythtv asks if I want to proceed without sound (I had 
difficulty initially getting the sound devices to be rw for users on 
reboot), and when I proceed, it crashes the computer in the same way that it 
did with the sound enabled (perhaps this is just the fact that myth crashes 
without sound working).

I captured this through a ssh connection:

2005-10-19 02:57:50.808 New DB connection, total: 1
Total desktop width=1280, height=1024, numscreens=1
2005-10-19 02:57:50.907 Using screen 0, 1280x1024 at 0,0
2005-10-19 02:57:50.923 mythfrontend version: 
2005-10-19 02:57:50.925 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
2005-10-19 02:57:51.517 Switching to square mode (G.A.N.T.)
mythtv: could not connect to socket
mythtv: No such file or directory
lirc_init failed for mythtv, see preceding messages
2005-10-19 02:57:53.049 Registering Internal as a media playback plugin.
2005-10-19 02:58:25.370 New DB connection, total: 2
2005-10-19 02:58:25.490 Connecting to backend server: (try 
1 of 5)
2005-10-19 02:58:25.505 Using protocol version 15
2005-10-19 02:58:25.598 Using protocol version 15
2005-10-19 02:58:26.014 Disable DPMS
2005-10-19 02:58:26.396 Opening audio device 'default'.
2005-10-19 02:58:26.582 Using XV port 53
2005-10-19 02:58:27.514 Realtime priority would require SUID as root.

What is going on at the time of the last line?  I assume that that would 
point to what is crashing the system.  Also I note that I don't think XV 
works for playback in Mplayer, could this be causing the crash.

Once again, I know it doesn't mean anything, but I can watch tv through all 
of the normal tv viewers and listen to music from the radio on the card, I 
can even listen to mp3s on Myth,

I am running on older, somewhat thrown together hardware, so the problem 
could arise from something there Below is a list of the Hardware in the 
Mboard: Tyan Tiger 133 (Dual P3, VIA Apollo Pro 133A (VT82C694X) chipset)
Memory: random manufacturer(cheap), 512mb
Video: ATI Rage 128pro AGP
Sound: SBLive
TV Card: Sabrent SBT-TVFM (using Philips SAA7130 (7134) chipset)
USB Card: Sabrent SBT-ALI5Y --needed faster access to my usb hard-drive, 
haven't had time to
really get this working.
Network Cards (this system acts as wireless router/dns for my wired 
Dlink DWL-G510, using ndiswrapper
Realtek rtl8139
SCSI - Ancient Advansys ultra-scsi-2 - Don't remember the exact number.

I have only one shared interrupt, of pretty much unrelated hardware.

Is there a better way to debug my problem using gdb?  I have tried, but I 
don't quite understand how to use gdb.  Also, the whole idea of segfault is 
confusing to me, am I correct in thinking I don't have that problem?  For 
gdb, I would appreciate exact commands.  Thanks

My guess is that I have some sort of heavy processor load (possibly 
searching for sound or something like that) causing this lockup, but I'm not 
running from a root/su environment.

Thanks in advance!

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