[mythtv-users] Capturing legacy VHS tapes

Nathan Lutchansky lutchann-mythtvusers at litech.org
Wed Oct 19 00:00:30 EDT 2005

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 11:16:49PM -0200, Manuel Lemos wrote:
> At last I managed to make Plextor ConvertX M402U to work under SuSE 
> Linux 9.3 and MythTV to see the input video.
> I bought this capture device, not to record scheduled shows, but rather 
> to convert legacy VHS tape recordings to DVD. So what I am looking for 
> is a means to start a recording whenever I am ready to play the VHS 
> player plugged into the Plextor video input.

MythTV doesn't support MPEG2 on the ConvertX.  What you really want is a
tool that can capture from the ConvertX and output an MPEG2 program
stream suitable for feeding to dvdauthor, and I don't think such a thing
exists yet.  Maybe you could take the output from "gorecord -format
mpeg2-dvd" and process it with ffmpeg, but I've not tried this.  -Nathan
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