[mythtv-users] Setting deinterlacers (was Re: Picture quality, was "Starting to think I should use Kaffeine instead of Mythtv")

Dave Sherohman esper at sherohman.org
Tue Oct 18 10:00:58 EDT 2005

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 10:50:08PM +1000, Laurie Odgers wrote:
> Something to do with deinterlacing perhaps? Ive noticed that there is a 
> significant difference between linear blend and the kernel deinterlacer 
> when watching something fast paced like football, the kernel deinterlacer 
> looks much nicer

How do you control this?  All I've noticed in the mythtv
configuration (on, IIRC, mythfrontend) is 'deinterlace video on/off',
nothing to control how it's deinterlaced.

My particular situation is that I sometimes get double-images on my
TV which make it feel choppy.  Pausing and going through it frame-by-
frame, I'll see that the image actually is doubled, with a (e.g.) 1/3
transparent copy of something in the old position and a 2/3
transparent copy of it in the new position.  (This is most clearly
visible on animated programs, of course.)  The odd thing is that
watching avi or mpg files not created by mythtv on the TV looks fine
and watching mythtv's recordings on a remote front end attached to an
LCD monitor also looks fine.  It's only the combination of a myth
recording and the TV display that has this problem.  I've tried
setting the frontend on the TV to both deinterlace and not
deinterlace, but it has not had any readily-visible effect on this
problem either way.

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