[mythtv-users] HD-3000 and changes from 18.1 to SVN

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 22:10:58 EDT 2005

On Monday 17 October 2005 14:25, Chris Dos wrote:
> I have a HD-3000 card that I got working using the 18.1 Debian packages.
> However, upgrading to SVN resulted in the frontend spewing "A/V diverged by
> <dropped frames number here> frames, extending frame to keep audio in sync"
> in it's logs.
> I guess I need to layout my system and what I've found out so far.
> Relevant System Componets:
> Debian Sid
> AMD Sempron 64 1600+, overclocked to 2.0 ghz from 1.6 (lot of head room in
> that chip, I read someone getting 2.6 ghz out of it)
> 512 MB PC2100 memory.
> 7200 RPM IDE 120 GB Drive.
> HD-3000
> PVR-350
> nVidia FX5200 DVI Card (Using XvMC, This outputs to my DLP HDTV)
> ivtv-.4.0
> Kernel 2.6.13 using the DVB drivers for the HD-3000
> It took me a good three weeks to the HD-3000 card to work properly.  I kept
> getting the "A/V diverged by 4.28889 frames, extending frame to keep audio
> in sync" errors whenever I had the sound enabled on MythTV.  Disable the
> sound and 720p and 1080i would play flawlessly.  Enabled sound, and the
> dropping frames would occur again.
> I tried a SB Live card and the on board VIA audio and still experienced the
> same problems.  Everything pointed to the sound card being the problem.  I
> had tweaked just about every setting possible to solve the problem.
> Nothing worked, until changed the DVB recording buffer options.  Myth
> defaults with 8192 for "Per PID driver buffer size" and "Packet buffer".  I
> changed this to 16464 and HDVD played flawlessly (well, as good as XvMC and
> OSD can play nice together).  So the problem doesn't appear to be sound
> related, just how much buffer was available to fit the signal.
> So now I upgraded to SVN on Friday, and the "A/V diverged" frames problem
> showed back up.  Changing the "Per PID driver buffer size" and "Packet
> buffer" to as high as 100000 and as low as 8192 made no difference.
> Does SVN no longer use the buffer settings?
> Any insight into finding out what this problem is would be greatly
> appreciated.
> 	Chris

not good, as I have a similar setup. Lets hope its a small problem that gets 
fixed soon. I'll remember not to update SVN till I hear its fixed.


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