[mythtv-users] Static on One Channel

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Oct 16 22:19:54 EDT 2005

Matt Goebel wrote:

>>M Smith wrote:
>>>For whatever reason starting about a week ago my recordings from 6 ABC
>>>Philly are all staticy (not snow, just majorly static picture).  All
>>>other stations are fine.  I'm using non-digital Comcast cable.  6 ABC
>>>comes in fine on all the other TVs, just not through the MythTV box.
>>>I'm using myth from svn as of about a month ago.
>>>I guess it's some sort of frequency issue, but I'm not really sure
>>>what to enter for the 'finetune' field in mythweb or even how that
>>>field works.
>>>Anyone have any thoughts?  It sucks not getting 'Lost'...
>>Have you tried us-cable, us-cable-hrc, and us-cable-irc?  Channels 5 & 6
>>are the magic indicators of frequency table problems...
>I'm having the same problem.  It just started for me too, channels 5+6.  Just tried
>switching from default to us-cable and us-cable-hrc, both of switch caused no sound
>and more static on all channels.  I don't have a us-cable-irc?

If you do need IRC and you don't want to compile Myth yourself, you 
might be able to fix it with a finetune...



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