[mythtv-users] remote control recommendations

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sun Oct 16 18:50:06 EDT 2005

Ricardo Kleemann wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a PVR150 MCE which doesn't come with a remote. I'm trying to 
> setup mythtv, but I need to buy a remote which will work well with lircd.
> Does the PVR150 MCE come with an IR receiver? If so, does it only work 
> with the hauppauge remote? Or can I buy another remote with which I 
> can setup lircd and use the same IR receiver.
> Or is my only option to buy a remote with IR receiver combination? 
> What are your recommendations, for setups that work with standard 
> lircd configurations?
> Are there low priced remotes that will work with lircd (that have 
> available config files for lircd)?

My best solution, until recently, was a Steramzap remote with USB IR 
receiver from http://www.streamzap.com.  It is supported in the recent 
LIRC release and worked great for me...until I moved my frontend to 
Fedora Core 4.  Now I occasionally get a system freeze when using the 
remote.  I've tried this with two systems and they both exhibit this 
behavior under FC4.  This could be the intricices of my system, the 
remote I'm using with the IR receiver (One-For-All model) or something 

That being said, I'm currently now working with a new One-For-All 
learning remote and I'm going to program it with JP1 to emulate my IR 
keyboard (LiteOn model) which has a receiver that plugs into the PS/2 
ports on my frontend and eliminate LIRC altogether. 

Hope this helps you with some options.  BTW, consider for a moment that 
the IR receiver if it exists on your PVR-150 only works when you are 
using a combination frontend/backend because if you make a remote 
frontend, it does not have that card to utilize.


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