[mythtv-users] apt-get upgrade = borked mythtv

David mythtv at morrisonthenet.com
Sun Oct 16 13:52:57 EDT 2005

As to the etymology of the word, don't laugh... but I had always thought 
I had invented it myself.  :)   Or rather, my daughter.

Seriously, though, I had never heard it used before I started saying 
it.  Many years ago when my youngest daughter was around 2 years old and 
still trying to master this whole "talking" thing, she would say 
something "bork" instead of "broke."  My wife and I thought it was cute 
so we started saying it too (I know, I know:  way to reinforce a bad 
habit) and I've said it ever since.  A few years back I heard/read 
somebody else use it and thought "Hey!  That's my daughter's word!"  :)

And yes, my daughter is all grown up now and says "broke" like she's 
supposed to.  However her mom and dad still can't get away from saying 
"bork."  :)

Back on topic, I'll just say that apt-get has become more troublesome 
lately for me, so I've gone back to yum (still using atrpms.net 
repositories as well as others) and things seem to be working much 
better.  A few things about yum I don't care for (like its speed, 
refreshing its pkg lists at every invocation) but it does seem more 
reliable than apt-get lately.  That said, doing a wholesale upgrade to a 
dedicated system like a Myth box is probably a bad idea unless you 
understand exactly what is going to be upgraded... and likely "borked."


chris at cpr.homelinux.net wrote:

>On Sat, Oct 15, 2005 at 08:08:08PM -0500, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>>>Hello.  I did an apt-get update; apt-get upgrade today and now my
>>>system is borked.
>I'd love to know the etymology of that word.  Wikipedia says "possibly" 
>related to the Swedish Chef (which was the first thing I thought of), 
>although it could be an homage to the failed nomination of Robert Bork 
>to the US Supreme Court.

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