[mythtv-users] Recordings too short

Curtis Stanford curtis at stanfordcomputing.com
Sun Oct 16 12:52:46 EDT 2005

OK, I finally solved most of my firewire problems but have an odd  
thing happening. When I make a recording using the firewire  
connection, the length of the program on the OSD is too short. The  
backend log has no errors and starts and ends the recording at the  
proper times. The recording itself is fine if you watch it. Weird...

For example, I just finished recording a movie  that started at  
11:15pm and ended at 1:00am. The backend log shows the recording  
starting at 11:15 and ending at 1:00 with no errors. The OSD shows  
the length of the recording to be 1:24:36 when I would expect closer  
to 1:45:00.

My old setup with the PVR-250 always had the correct times (within a  
few seconds).

I am using the latest SVN version of mythtv and kernel 2.6.13


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