[mythtv-users] Pls help: problems with STlab USB->Eth converter

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Sat Oct 15 14:38:23 EDT 2005

Hi *

I'm very happy user of KnoppMyth R5A16.

I want to use host running Myth 24/7 also as Internet gateway.

Unfortunately my system is based on EPIA, and single PCI slot is 
occupied by PVR250. On-board LAN is used to connect my diskless 
frontend, so for WAN side I want to use USB port.
I already bought USB2->Ethernet adapter (ST Lab USB2.0 to Ethernet 
adapter based on Moschip 7830)

On USBNET page  (http://www.linux-usb.org/usbnet/) I saw, that in 
"Ethernet adapters" category is "ST Lab USB Ethernet" entry.
According to this page, after inserting adapter, I should see some 
entries in syslog & usb0 interface should be seen in IPCONFIG output.

Unfortunatelly, when I connect adapter to my system, only single line in 
syslog apears (High Speed USB device connected).
IPCONFIG is not reporting any new network interfaces.

May somebody help me with troubleshouting this issue ?

Milion thanx in advance

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