[mythtv-users] /dev/lirc missing during FC4 setup

Alex Vishnev avishnev at optonline.net
Sat Oct 15 12:14:29 EDT 2005

Hmmm... I built lircd and lircmd from sources. The binaries are in
/usr/local/sbin on my distribution. You may have it in a different place. I
suggest searching the drive for them (i.e. find / -name lircd -print) to see
where the utilities are. The reason lircd fails when you start irw, is
because /dev/lirc can't be stat'ed or opened. In order to get the device
back, you need to make sure that lirc can open and attach to your IR device.
IR device must be plugged into the card. please do what I suggested in
modprobe and grab the output of /var/log/messages to see what messages you
get when you load the modules. Please note that the order of load is
important. You need to load lirc-dev first, followed by lirc_i2c. Assuming
everything works well and lirc modules can determine and attach to your IR
card, then you can start lircd and lircmd servers/daemons


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Alex Vishnev wrote:

>This is what I have done to fix lirc.. I am not sure why modprobe does not
>load it properly sometimes. When I boot, I go to the command line and issue
>modprobe lirc-dev
>modprobe lirc_i2c
>That fixed the problem for me. It recreated the devices and link them
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>I'm having a very similar problem. (PVR 150 retail)
>Initially, following Jarod Wilson's instruction to the letter, my setup 
>is working just fine, and the remote works.
>/dev/lirc0 exists, and /dev/lirc points to it.  There's also /dev/lircd
>I can watch live tv, play music, etc ... just fine.
>And suddenly, while watching live TV, I go to change the channel...  The 
>remote simply stops responding.
>only /dev/lircd is left
>trying irw, it simply exits.
>mythbackend & mythfrontend don't echo any error messages.
>nothing new in /var/log/messages
>nothing in modprobe.conf has changed, no software was updated.
>reloading the modules or rebooting doesn't solve the problem. the 
>devices are simply never created ...
lircd and lircmd are not found when I attempt to run them.  I thought 
that lircd was a service.  Normally I run it by /sbin/service lircd 
restart.  It starts but will die the second I attempt to run irw.

What I'm curious about is why lirc_i2c is not creating the device that 
is needed. 

When I plug the IR receiver into the 150, if I leave it halfway plugged 
in, the red IR transmitter comes on and stays on.  If I plug it all the 
way in, it turns off.  Which way should it be?

Also, I'll post by modules.conf as soon as I can.  Hopefully someone 
could point out something that I'm doing wrong.

Thanks again.


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