[mythtv-users] /dev/lirc missing during FC4 setup

Alex Vishnev avishnev at optonline.net
Fri Oct 14 19:07:05 EDT 2005

This is what I have done to fix lirc.. I am not sure why modprobe does not
load it properly sometimes. When I boot, I go to the command line and issue

modprobe lirc-dev
modprobe lirc_i2c

That fixed the problem for me. It recreated the devices and link them


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I'm having a very similar problem. (PVR 150 retail)

Initially, following Jarod Wilson's instruction to the letter, my setup 
is working just fine, and the remote works.

/dev/lirc0 exists, and /dev/lirc points to it.  There's also /dev/lircd

I can watch live tv, play music, etc ... just fine.

And suddenly, while watching live TV, I go to change the channel...  The 
remote simply stops responding.

only /dev/lircd is left

trying irw, it simply exits.

mythbackend & mythfrontend don't echo any error messages.

nothing new in /var/log/messages

nothing in modprobe.conf has changed, no software was updated.

reloading the modules or rebooting doesn't solve the problem. the 
devices are simply never created ...


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