[mythtv-users] Unable to Fully Delete a Recording

Neil Cronin mythtv at rackle.com
Fri Oct 14 14:12:20 EDT 2005

You can determine the file name of the missing file and then run
`touch <filename>`, which will create an empty file.  Then deleting it
via the frontend or mythweb will work.

The easiest way to determine the filename(s) of missing file(s) is to
load up the "recorded programs" page in mythweb while running `tail -f
<path-to-backend-log>`.  Every file the backend cannot find will be
logged as an error.  You can use sed to generate a `touch` script, or
you can just copy/paste the filenames if you don't have too many.

I believe the current version of myth (0.18) either touches the file
before attempting to delete it or ignores non-existant files, which
fixes this annoyance.


On 10/14/05, Jon Kunze <jon99ut at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have 2 recordings on my Myth box that I can't seem to delete.
>  When i try to delete them from the frontend, it sits for a few seconds, and
> then continues to show the recording in the Recorded Programs listing. I've
> looked in my /video/recordings directory and the file is not there anymore,
> so obviously it was able to delete the file, just not the database entry.
> I've tried deleting them through MythWeb as well, and have had the same
> result.
>  Is there any easy way to remove these recordings from the database as well,
> without having to go through manually and delete every occurrence of it
> through something like phpMyAdmin? I've tried the mysqlcheck and it doesn't
> find any error with the database.
>  Any help would be appreciated, as every time I select one of these programs
> in the listings, it locks the frontend up for a few seconds.
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