[mythtv-users] MythTV on Xbox, again

mythtv at schurmann.org mythtv at schurmann.org
Fri Oct 14 09:11:38 EDT 2005

>> This may not be a useful solution for everyone interested in running a
>> MythTV frontend on an xbox, but . . .
>> Using the info and downloads at this site,
>> http://www.not404.com/cgi-bin/trac.fcgi/wiki/XFedora4, I was able to
>> effortlessly install Fedora Core 4 on my xbox. Then using Jarod's
>> excellent guide I installed MythTV and was up and running!
>> Just an FYI.
>Quick question, did this re-format your harddrive on the Xbox or were able
>to just ftp it over and run it as a dashboard item?

This installation of FC4 on Xbox has a selection right at the beginning
that lets you choose if you want to preserve the game-playing ability of
your system or if you want to end up with a Linux-only Xbox. I chose the
latter. I presume you end up with a dashboard option if you choose the

In either case you are using the regular Anaconda installation tool. Once
I had the system installed and did some prep then all I did was 'yum
install mythtv-suite'. It just works.

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