[mythtv-users] Highest number of simultaneous streams recorded?

Brian Merrill bmerrill at sfcn.org
Fri Oct 14 02:56:19 EDT 2005

Master backend:
Recoding 2xHD 1080i
Playback 1xHD 1080i

Slave backend:
Recording 2xAnalog 480i
Playback 1xAnalog 480i

Remote frontend 1:
Playback 1xHD 1080i

Remote frontend 2:
Playback 1xHD 1080i

=8 total streams

I've had all streams going flawlessly on multiple occasions with no loss 
of quality, jitters, pauses, crashes or gremlins of any kind.  A typical 
HD 1080i broadcast, I believe, clocks in around 15 mbit/s.  More if it 
contains multiple streams, but a HD3000 only records one stream at a 
time in Myth so that's irrelevant.  Granted this is all going on through 
a gigabit lan, but a 100mbit lan should be more than enough bandwidth 
and possibly even your newer 54 mbit and greater wireless lans.  For 
your average 7200 rpm drive that has sustained read and write rates of 
about 30 MBytes/s, multiple HD streams should barely be a flicker of 
activity for the drive.

Anand_Inala at Dell.com wrote:

>My apologies if this has been asked and answered already, but I searched
>the archives and couldn't find the answer.
>What is the most number of streams anyone on the list has simultaneously
>recorded without problem?  I assume recording 2 streams while watching a
>third has been done, but has it been done with no loss in quality, etc?
>How about 3 streams?  HD + an analog stream?  I'd like to get an idea of
>what my limitations and potentials are before I get too deep in my
>current project.
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