[mythtv-users] Highest number of simultaneous streams recorded?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Oct 13 21:59:39 EDT 2005

Joe Votour wrote:

>I've recorded three SD streams off of analog cable
>using a PVR-350 and a PVR-500, while watching a fourth
>(or sometimes one of the three).  The CPU usage for
>the recording is very low because of the hardware
>MPEG-2 encoders in the capture cards.  No loss in
>stream quality.
>The question that you ask is very vague, because you
>don't mention what capture hardware you have.  An
>analog BT8x8 card is much more CPU intensive than a
>PVR-x50, for instance.
>I don't think that you can capture an HD stream
>(though I may be wrong on this).  There are no HD
>capture cards that I'm aware of (the bandwidth for HD
>is insanely huge), and the set-top boxes that support
>Firewire output downsample the output (how far, I
>don't know).
You can capture ATSC HD with an HD-3000 or an Air2PC card as well as 
firewire.  Both are supported.  I believe there are DVB cards for non-US 
HD capture as well.


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