[mythtv-users] Watching recordings. Pause then drop back to selection screen

Paul Barker myth at sixtimesnine.net
Thu Oct 13 06:27:53 EDT 2005

On Wed, September 28, 2005 23:47, Nick said:

> I assume you're using a 100Mbit/s network - what is the source of the
> recordings (DVB/hardware capture etc)? If they are MPEG-2 can you play
> them in a different media player over the network or does this
> behaviour only happen in MythTV? How fast can you pull one of the
> files from the backend from the command line?
> Aside from the physical hardware/network setup side of things, I'd
> also make sure you are using a recent stable version of your
> DVB/capture drivers and audio drivers (I'd prefer ALSA but many use
> OSS without problems).
> Nick


Sorry for the long delay and thanks to those who made suggestions.

My setup is a b/e running FC3 with 1 PVR 250 as capture device. 2 X remote
frontends, 1 X FC3, 1 X Minimyth diskless EPIA. 100Mb wired network via
Linksys switches.

A brief recap of the problem - when watching recorded shows on either
frontend playback will randomly stop and the f/e returns to the select
recording screen.

Last night I watched live tv for almost 2 hours on one of the frontend
with no issues (apart from slightly garbled audio for a few seconds which
could have been present in the input anyway). I sniffed the whole session
into multiple files with ethereal and can see no problems except the very
occasional "previous fragment was missing" packets which I've been lead to
belive may be 'normal' ethernet behaviour.

I have a couple of Linksys switches back to back in the network and I
started to wonder if this may be inducing latency. I've ordered a NetGear
FS116 10/100 16 port switch which will hopefully arive today. I'm planning
to recheck all my cables and replace the multiple switches with the
NetGear probably tomorrow night.

Obviously I'll post results good or bad.


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