[mythtv-users] Re: MythTV and the new video iPod -- how long do we have to wait? :)

Brad mythtv at braddolman.com
Thu Oct 13 02:59:05 UTC 2005

> > So, in light of this new announcement, I'm throwing the gauntlet  
> down.
> ...
> > makes it possible to export mythtv recordings to the new video  
> ipod in
> > 3 months time. (Let's say 1/31/2006).

No doubt, I mean, seriously -- how long must we be forced to  
wait!  ;-)  Kidding aside, I would love to see this too - although I  
can't see myself getting a video iPod for sometime (I "just" got my  
photo - which I'm still thrilled about - and probably getting a nano  
for my gf first).

> Surely this is just another nuvexport profile??? So what your asking
> for is integration of nuvexport into myth, which is User Jobs???

Well, perhaps. I'm *very* happy to have nuvexport (*very*), but to be  
honest I not-so-secretly yearn for the day when we can *easily*  
transcode programs with nothing more than a remote control (*sigh*).

If I were to have a video iPod, I would want to be able to mark  
specific recordings (such as "The Daily Show") to be transcoded with  
the appropriate settings and automatically sync'd to my iPod the next  
time it is connected. It would probably be fine if the actual syncing  
occurred through iTunes, as that is already used for syncing my  
music, podcasts, contacts, notes (my "read later" web pages),  
calendar, and photos. Hmmm... come to think of it, that would  
probably bump my priority on the purchase of a video iPod up a few  
notches. ;-)

I think I'll download iTunes 6 now and see if I can figure out how it  
handles video syncing.


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