[mythtv-users] Deleting Records that are Symlinks

Keith R b0593e440 at heavyk.org
Wed Oct 12 18:25:35 UTC 2005

I've run out of space on the primary location (local disk) where I
like to store recordings so have setup a script to move old
locations to an NFS mount then symlink them back to the original

I'm able to watch the recordings just fine that are linked,
however when I try to delete them from mythweb or from the
frontend the files (neither the link nor the actual file) are not
removed and the mythbackend throws an error that the file could
not be found so it will not delete the data.

I've enabled the delete symlink targets in the setup with
no result.  When I try to do an ls of the file that mythbackend
reports does not exist it does in fact exist.  There are no
permission issues since I can remove the file and the link as the
mythtv user.  Lastly, note that the symlinks are to the
full/absolute path not a relative path.

Anyone experience this?  I really like my current solution since
it allows me to more effectively utilzie the storage around my
house and it allows me to keep certain programs on local disk.
But I gotta be able to delete stuff!



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