[mythtv-users] Australian Digital TV Cards

Craig Read craigread at csi.com
Tue Oct 11 23:41:03 UTC 2005

Hurgh wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have been around the list for a while, and in the past have asked a 
> few questions.
> I have started setting up a new PVR and am looking at putting in a 
> Digital (as appose to the analog one i have now) TV card.
> Can people in australia please let me know 1) What card they are 
> using, and 2) if you were building it again, would you opt for the 
> same card or go for a different one.

The cards I'm currently using are the DVico Fusion (one Plus and one 
Light) HDTV cards.  If I was to build another one, I wouldn't use a Plus 
card (as I'm not using the video in feature).

The previous cards I used were Twinhan.  I've since sold them on eBay 
and I would definitely NOT buy one of those again.  The signal quality 
difference is chalk and cheese.  On the Twinhan's I could only ever get 
ABC and SBS reliably, while my el-cheapo Teac STB had no problems at 
all.  Even after recabling my house with quad shielded RG6, replacing 
all the connectors with F-type, reducing the number of splits to three 
and having an antenna expert (with all the appropriate gear for checking 
digital signal quality) reposition the antenna I didn't get a much 
better result with the Twinhans.  The DVico's have performed flawlessly, 
with the only problem being occasional errors where audio drops out 
(although, the audio is still there if I watch it using winamp).

> Also possibily some places to buy (online) would be a real help.

I actually sell the DVico's online at http://hometheatreheaven.com.au, 
but there are a number of other places you can get them from.

> If there are some of you that think i should go for HD TV cards, feel 
> free to reply also with your comments on Which card, and possibily 
> where to buy.
> I have thought about it, but dont know if enough of the shows i want 
> to record will be in HD.

One of the problems with HDTV in Australia is the listings (at least the 
ones generated from yahoo) don't make it possible to schedule it.  But 
you'll be hard pressed to find a DTV card that doesn't at least claim to 
record HDTV.  Plus it'll be worth it when the listings catch up and/or 
the amount of HDTV content grows.

> Thanks again for any help in this.
> Regards
> -Hurgh-

Np, I hope whatever you get works well.

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