[mythtv-users] choppy sound on per-program basis.... (XvMC problem ?)

Jules Gosnell jules at coredevelopers.net
Tue Oct 11 13:54:06 UTC 2005

Nick Parkinson wrote:

>Your choppy sound problem sounds like it may be caused
>by commercial skipping/flagging or whatever. I have a
>via epia mii and was told that commercial skipping on
>a low processor system such as epia would cause
>I suggest you disable it in the settigns.  I think
>there is an option in mythtv-setup and the general

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you - I've been on 
holiday and then had to rebuild my myth-box after the disc got trashed...

I'm not running any commercial skipping stuff. I guess that would be run 
on the backend anyway, wouldn't it ?
The problem occurs on my frontend box which is using XvMC MPEG decoding 
and only taking between 5-15% cpu.

Box is an EPIA VIA Ezra 1gz running 2.6.12-1.1378_FC3, FC3, 
xorg-x11-6.8.2-37.FC3.ucr.30.8 and 
(http://washington.kelkoo.net/epia/FC3/RPMS/) and latest myth from 
atrpms (0.18.1-114) with libmyth-0.18.1-113.rhfc3.at. I haven't been 
able to upgrade past this version of unichrome because of issues in 
later versions on my architecture.

Sometimes the choppiness occurs throughout the whole recording, adverts 
and main feature, sometimes the adverts are fine and it appears as soon 
as the main programme starts.

I've tried playing with some of the other settings to no avail.

I have tried disabling XvMC in setup to see whether the choppiness is 
associated with that, but curiously this seems to have no effect and the 
log still talks about VLD Surfaces etc...

If I play the same recording on another box (dual opteron x86_64, 
without h/w MPEG) it runs fine without choppiness. I guess I will have 
to work out how to switch off XvMC on my Via and run some more tests....

Anyone any ideas?



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