[mythtv-users] Current SVN DVB Choppiness

Ciaran ciaranj at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 11:19:41 UTC 2005

Has anyone else/is anyone else currently experiencing periods of
extreme choppiness with the current SVN builds when either watching
live-tv or recorded shows ? [It should be noticed that audio is
unaffected and continues perfectly, but the video is jerky]

Also in the fronted logs, I see 'prebuffering pause', and
'prebuffering pause timed out 10 times' [or words to that effect]

If I'm running 'top' in aremote terminal the CPU usage isn't going
much beyond 17% and the memory usage is acceptable, I really, really
cannot work out why its so choppy for me :(
[This isn't a continuous problem, it'll last for maybe 2-3 minutes
then go away, then come back in an hours time].

I *think* it must be something the back-end is doing as it also occurs
when watching DVDs on the box.  I assumed it was running out of CPU
time but it doesn't appear that way, *however* the load averages are
going remarkably high (~11) when I see this problem, so I assume
something somewhere is waiting/sleeping poorly?

I'm starting to get frustrated with my inability to track this down
:(, combined with the fact that I can't get into 'watch recordings'
when running mythfrontend normally (Unknown symbol, blah bla), but it
works perfectly under GDB, gah!!! Any ideas, straws to clutch etc ?

Cheers :)
- Ciaran
(I now have far too many G-Mail invites available, anyone who wants
one, gets one)

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