[mythtv-users] Auto expire setting ambiguity

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Mon Oct 10 07:53:27 UTC 2005

Mercury Morris wrote:

> One way to tell if a recording is set to autoexpire (or not) is to 
> check for the
> presence of the little trashcan icon displayed in the recorded 
> programs section.
> Of course, there is the possibility that no icons at all show up when 
> recorded
> programs are hi-lited, but that's a different problem. 

They are working, and now I can tell how they are set.  Thanks.  It 
seems none of mine are set to expire by default. I expect there's a 
setup item somewhere to control that.

> Remember too, that the icons are explained in a pop-up when you hit either
> F1 (say on a keyboard) or 1 (on a remote).  Quite a nice feature.

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