[mythtv-users] Crash while fast-forwarding live tv

Frank Lynch frank.lynch at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 23:34:55 UTC 2005

On 10/8/05, Stewart <braedric-mythuser at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Running 18.1 with a PVR-350 card, using the TV-out.
> Watching hockey tonight and paused the game.  Hit fast-forward to skip
> the commercials and when it caught up to the live TV, it crashed. Twice.
> Couldn't get the the machine via the network, had to cycle the power to
> get it back...
> Any thoughts on what I should look for to fix this?
> I built using The fedora instructions linked to from the main site.
> Here are the packages I have installed (minus the themes and plugins
> stuff...)
> ivtv-0.3.8-97.rhfc4.at
> ivtvdev-0.10-2.rhfc4.at
> ivtv-firmware-1.8a-4.at
> ivtv-firmware-dec-2.02.023-4.at
> ivtv-firmware-enc-2.04.024-4.at
> ivtv-kmdl-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4-0.2.0-69_rc3k.rhfc4.at
> ivtv-kmdl-2.6.12-1.1456_FC4-0.3.8-97.rhfc4.at
> perl-Video-ivtv-0.13-7.rhfc4.at
> libmyth-0.18.1-113.rhfc4.at
> mythtv-0.18.1-113.rhfc4.at
> mythtv-backend-0.18.1-113.rhfc4.at
> mythtv-frontend-0.18.1-113.rhfc4.at
> mythtv-setup-0.18.1-113.rhfc4.at
> mythtv-suite-0.18.1-55.at
> mythweb-0.18-67.at

I have also observed this. I think its a kernel panic caused by
ivtv-0.3.8 I never saw this happen before I upgraded ivtv.
Unfortunately I don't know how to debug this further, or resolve it.

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