[mythtv-users] preventing screen from blacking out

Brady liquidgecka at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 00:04:43 UTC 2005

If you are in Fedora you can run:

chkconfig mythbaqckend on


chkconfig mythtvbackend on

depending on the install method.

As far as the user goes. I usually run WM less just to eliminate the
load required on the user end of things.

I create a user called frontend:

useradd frontend

then tweak /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf. At about line 29 you will see two
AutomaticLogin options. Mine are:

I also use:

Just incase I want to login as a different user some time I set the
time to 5. This only happens if you log out and back in.

Anyways.. With that in place I create a custom .Xclients file in my
frontend users home directory.

the ~frontend/.Xclients file contains:

#/usr/bin/icewmbg &

/usr/X11R6/bin/xset -dpms
/usr/X11R6/bin/xset s off

while (true)
        /usr/bin/mythfrontend > /tmp/myth.out 2> /tmp/myth.err

This will restart mythfrontend if it crashes, down off the dpms just
in case and disable any screensavers as well. I keep the output for
debugging reasons.

That allows me to boot the system normally and get it up and running.

At some point I should finish up my MythTV DVD installer. Most people
can't tell the difference between my MythBox and a stand alone TiVo
unit =) I suppress BIOS output and the text based boot up information
so that the user powers the box on, waits about 10 seconds and then
sees the Fedora boot program (RHGB). About 30 seconds after that they
get the Myth main menu =)

I plan on adding a compaq flash system for backing up the myth
database so that if a disk fails they will lose programs but not
recording preferences.

What I really want is a "Stick the DVD in and select install" with
your remote kind of installer. Got the install scripts working right
but the menuing system is all foobar right now.

On 10/8/05, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
> > How do I configure my desktop so that it won't black out ("sleep")
> > after a while and also so that it doesn't lock out the user, requiring
> > password?
> >
> > If I want mythfrontend to be up and running all the time, with the
> > menu showing, I don't want the screen to go black and also the desktop
> > to be locked out.
> Sounds like you're running xscreensaver (the app) because X doesn't lock
> you out when it turns on DPMS...  So, don't run xscreensaver.  If you
> can't figure out how to tell your system not to start it, you can always
> just turn it off:
> xscreensaver-command -exit
> > Another thing, is there a way to do autostart of myth upon boot-up,
> > without booting into level 3? Is it possible to boot into level 5 and
> > still get myth to autostart?
> Run level makes no difference...  If you configure your system to
> autostart Myth on run level 5, it will.
> Check the fora/lists for your distro.
> Mike
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