[mythtv-users] Re: (Isaac) New MythMusic Theme Design Using 4 bins

Nick Parkinson nickparkinson at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 7 11:19:39 UTC 2005

>>>> Scrolling through a single list of thousands of
items, even with page/up page/down just doesn't work.

Thousands of items in one list you say?  The longest
list is always the "Artist List" so you must have
THOUSANDS of artists?

I have a ridiculous 55 GB music collection (1,500
folders and 13,700 files). I have never met anyone
with this much music (who actually likes everything
that they have).  I do not just collect things for the
sake of it.  Furthermore most people do not listen to
such a wide variety and quantity of music.  Most
people are content with 4GB on their IPODS

Anyway, if I select ALL of my music I can scroll from
the top to the bottom of this list in 22 PGDown
keypresses.  This takes less than 40 seconds to digest
my immense music collection.  

If I am to filter out by Genres and Era's etc to suit
a particular mood then this becomes very easy to

If I want a particular Artist I can get to it in 2 or
3 keypressess using 1-9 as alphabet keys.

>>>> Personally, I don't really see what this 'new
interface' brings except for clutter on screen.  The
playlist editor interface can do all this in a much 
cleaner manner.

Without telling what I feel the advantages are...
there are clearly many preferences to cater for...
there is no universal solution to accomodate different
users as there are many underlying factors that affect
how people listen to music. I merely provide an
alternative to those with the same preferences as
myself; I do not impose these preferences.

I've received many positive comments about people
liking the new design and this is further supported by
the "downloads count" on the website.

By the way, the links I posted originally have changed


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