[mythtv-users] Re: Seeking Remote Control Advice for PVR-500

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 23:45:31 UTC 2005

1. No, it will not work the same.  You will need to
load in different kernel modules that support the new
IR receiver.
2. You program those codes into the remote.  Since you
have an All-For-One remote, you would use these
instructions (which I copied from my website):
a) Press the device button you have programmed to VCR
code 0081.
b) Press and hold the SET button until the LED blinks
twice, and release it.
c) Press 9-9-4
d) Tap the SET key. The LED should blink once.
e) Enter a three-digit code from the table.
f) Press the corresponding remote control button from
the table.
g) Repeat for all of the buttons in the table (or, as
many as you feel the need to program)
These codes correspond to values in the lircd.conf
file  (which will need to be changed).

3. The button names are arbitrary, but must match the
names in your .lircrc file.  There's no reason you
couldn't call them "button1", "button2", etc.

4. irrecord

Please search the archives for more information, since
this has been discussed several times.

-- Joe

--- Larry K <lunchtimelarry at gmail.com> wrote:

> Based on recommendations I found here, I bought the
> One For All URC-8910
> remote from Amazon.com <http://Amazon.com>. Nice
> remote.
> Then, following Jarod's instructions at
> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/remotes.php, I set
> everything up and it works
> just fine. Since Jarod's site conveniently spoon-fed
> all the configuration
> settings to me, I still have a few questions:
> 1) When I install my PVR-500, I can no longer use
> the Hauppauge IR sensor I
> am successfully using now, so I purchased a 3rd
> party sensor that connects
> via serial cable. Will this work the same as the
> Hauppauge sensor that I now
> have connected via the PVR 250? I seem to recall
> reading that Jarod's setup
> may be specific to the Hauppauge IR sensor. Will I
> have to redefine
> something if I use a different IR sensor?
> 2) For those that have seen Jarod's guide, can
> anyone tell me how the EFC
> codes map to a specific function in myth? For
> instance, here is Jarod's
> table showing the EFC settings. I have deduced that
> 241 (Sleep) is previous
> commercial cut, and 046 (Enter) is next commercial
> cut, but I cannot figure
> out how this table maps to anything in the
> lircd.conf or lircrc. How could I
> 'know' that without learning it from trial and
> error? What am I overlooking?
>  EFC Destination Key 108INFO 050GUIDE 113PIP 145SWAP
> 076MUTE 241SLEEP 046
> ENTER 176FREEZE 236MOVE 210+100 142LEFT 110RIGHT
> 3) Is there a list of remote control button values
> that can be defined in
> lircrc? For instance, how does one know that CH-,
> FREEZE, and MOVE, for
> example, are within the domain of possible remote
> control buttons? And it
> appears that each remote has a different set of
> values, since RED and YELLOW
> certainly appear to be specific to the grey
> Haupppauge remote.
> 4) The lirc.conf appears to be generated by a piece
> of software. Any idea
> what that is and how it arrives at the settings it
> defines?
> Thanks!
> On 9/24/05, Larry K <lunchtimelarry at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > Please bear with me as I show my total ignorance
> regarding universal
> > remote controls. :)
> >
> > I am pondering whether or not to slap a PVR-500
> into my system (one of my
> > 250s died, so now I'm down to one tuner), So, if I
> get the PVR-500 and pull
> > out the 250s, I'm gonna need a remote control.
> >
> > I currently have a Rosewill wireless (RF)
> mouse/keyboard on my mythtv box.
> > Should this be a factor in deciding what remote
> control to get? That is,
> > should I go RF on the remote control, or IR? Can a
> RF remote be programmed
> > to talk to my existing Rosewill base just as my
> keyboard does?
> >
> > Sorry for sounding like a n00b, but I have not
> been keeping up with remote
> > control technology. Thus far, I have just survived
> with the Hauppauge
> > PVR-250 remote...
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
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